Vital Stats
Real Name Nathan Summers
Nicknames Soldier X, Stryfe, Nathan Dayspring Summers, Nathan Winters, The Traveler, The Askani'son, Nathan Dayspring, The Chosen One, The Savior, Nathan Christopher, Christopher
Gender Male
Powers Telepathy, Telepathic Illusion, Telepathic Cloak, Mind Link, Telepathic Camouflage, Mind Control, Mind Trap, Mind Possession, Mind Alteration, Mental Amnesia, Precognition, Psionic Shield, Psionic Blasts, Astral Projection, Mental Detection, Mind Transferal, Telekinesis, Intuitive Aptitude, Matter Alteration, Psionic Spikes, Force-fields, Concussive Blasts, Telekinetic Flight, Time Travel
War Side Anti-Registration
Voice Actor David Agranov

Cable is a hero who appears in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. During the Civil War, Cable sides with Captain America and his Anti-Registration forces. Cable oversees operations in their Rebel hideout and fights the invading Pro-Registration forces.