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Costumes are the important parts to Marvel: Ultimate Alliance series since X-Men Legends series.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Only available in the primary gameplay version, Ravensoft (not GameBoy Advance version, due to being completely different contents and playstyles and being differently developed by Barking Lizards (known for developing n-gage version of X-Men Legends series). This is the only game to have four costume slots by default, granting the characters three passives if wearing some of them. Mod version discovers that we can add two more empty costume slots, albeit unable to add their passives passives.

As Second and Third costumes are normally unlocked by beating multiple enemies until count reaches the condition, Fourth Costumes are normally unlocked after reaching the Gold medal of the simulation missions. Former Xbox 360 DLC and 7th-gen exclusives, including Silver Surfer and Nick Fury Sr. can unlock Fourth Costume normally like Second and Third Costumes.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

Only available in the primary gameplay version, Vicarious Visions. As of this game, characters only have 2 costumes. As the costume unlocking condition is mostly after defeating 50 enemies, some characters can only be unlocked in specific conditions, mainly a specific side only, after choosing a side, and certain DLC characters. Only Nick Fury Sr. who doesn’t have a single alternate costume.

Mod version discovers a third empty Costume slot, likely originally planned to be included before deadline production. N-Space versions outside Nintendo DS version also originally planned to have alternate costumes, but somehow being debunked as well in final deadline productions.

Anti-Reg only

Only available when choosing Anti-Reg

Pro-Reg only

Only available when choosing Pro-Reg

After Choosing A Side

Once you choose a side, default starting rosters will now be able to unlock costumes

Secret War Daredevil

Death Horseman Gambit

Ronin Iceman

Astonishing Storm

Ultimate Thing


Costume unlock can be unlocked normally by default unlockable (three items collection-based and Act 3 (namely three remaining Thunderbolts members) characters) and two DLC rosters

Specific DLC

Unlike the rest, these characters has specific costume unlock conditions, due to being DLCs

War Baby Cable: Defeat Deadpool as Cable

Ultimate Carnage: Defeat himself in a DLC simulation “Insidious Alliance”

Ultimate Juggernaut: Defeat 300 enemies

House of M Magneto: Defeat himself in a DLC simulation “Overload”

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3

Due to previous backlash at launch, alternate costumes are being added via patch or paid DLCs. It also introduces alternate colors on each characters’ two costumes. Highly recommend to buy the game with The Black Order Expansion Pass.


  • Spider-Verse
  • Casual Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

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