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Dark Spider-Man is an evil clone of Spider-Man created by Dr. Doom. He'll appear with Dark Thor in front of Odin's prison Chamber in the Doom's Lab area at Castle Doom. He will have a special conversation with Spider-Man if he is active on a team but, Dark Thor does not interact with the Real Spider-Man. Dark Spider-Man wears a Doom Green and Purple spider suit.

During the special convo, Spider-Man asks Dark Thor if he would give Spider-Man his Dark Hammer and he'd rather not fight him for it. Dark Spider-Man says that Spider-Man is the real deal and thought (the real) Spidey would be taller and more intelligent (Dark-Spider-Man is a lot taller than Spider-Man) Spider-Man replies saying "Wait your my exact double and your making fun of me? Eh maybe I'm not that bright after all"

Dark Spider-Man claims he is not Spider-Man's exact double Doom just made a few modifications on him, Spider-Man replies saying "Well, I see he ruined my sense of fashioned and trashed my voice. Is that it or did he make other changes?"

Dark Spider-Man tells Spider-Man that Doom has giving him the desire to kill his enemy. As Spider-Man refers himself "a fellow Spider-Man" Spider-Man urges Dark Spider-Man not to use the word "kill" We aren't the kind of person who kills we disable. Dark Spider-Man calls Spider-man a "goody two shoes" and says he's gonna kill him Spider-Man asks him "Hey! Now what word did we just finish talking about?"


  • "I'm not your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man"

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Boss Size

  • Large

Boss Equipment

  • Webs

Resists Damage Types

  • None

Vunerable to Damage Types

  • None


  • Web Bullets (Projectile)

Shoots projectiles of impact webbing

  • Web Snare (Projectile)

Uses webs to freeze an enemy in his tracks and deals damage