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Deathbird appeared as a boss in the video game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Character History

Cal'syee Neramani was the eldest child of the Majestor Neramani and thus the heir of the Shi'ar Empire's throne. Cal'syee was born with atavistic features and was fiercely proud of it. Unfortunately, the atavism also caused her to experience fits of uncontrollable rage that eventually forced Cal'syee to kill her mother and younger sister. For these crimes, she was stripped of her name and became known as Deathbird. She lost the right to the throne and was exiled from the Shi'ar Empire.

During this exile, she traveled on Earth and became an associate of MODOK and AIM at some point. Following AIM's orders, she battled Ms. Marvel in New York one evening after Carol Danver's Park Avenue penthouse was destroyed by a bomb. The skirmish was interrupted after Deathbird severely injured the superhero, who became distracted trying to save the lives of two small children. It later resumed when Carol, going undercover, discovered that AIM had a secret headquarters underneath Alden's Department Store. The battle between the two seemingly ended with Deathbird's demise and MODOK's escape after betraying her. Whether Deathbird sought revenge on AIM remains unknown. She did battle Hawkeye while still on Earth.

Sometime later, her younger sister Lilandra became Majestrix of the Empire following the events that left their brother, D'Ken, comatose. Deathbird decided to take the throne for herself, and allied with the councilman Samedar, alien parasites called the Brood, and renegade members of the Imperial Guard in an attempted coup. The X-Men defeated her and her allies, but not before being infected by the Brood (although they were ultimately cured thanks to the efforts of Danvers and the Acanti Soulsinger). She later succeeded in deposing Lilandra with the aid of the Brood, and took the throne for herself. As ruler of the Shi'ar Empire, she contended with the Starjammers and Excalibur

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance: Story

She has staged a coup d'état of her sister's throne just as the heroes visit the Shi'ar Empire to borrow a piece of the M'Kraan Crystal in order to defeat Doctor Doom after he has absorbed Odin's powers. Having defeated her in combat, the heroes then have to prevent Deathbird from destroying the ship to ensure that they cannot escape (finding and, if the player opts for such, freeing the imprisoned Lilandra in the process). Deathbird has special dialogue with Black Panther before the fight, Iron Man after the fight, Wolverine at the science room, and Sabretooth (in the Xbox 360 Expansion Pack); she mistakes the latter for the former, much to Sabretooth's anger.