Vital Stats
Real Name Elektra Natchios
Nicknames Assassin
Gender Female
Powers Her sai
War Side Pro-Registration
Voice Actor Gabrielle Carteris
Elektra is a ninja who has had close ties with Daredevil and previously worked as an assassin. After the events of MUA1 she would later go hunt down the Chinese syndicate known as "The Hand".

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Edit

Body Hero

Body: 36
Focus: 18
Strike: 21

Powers Edit

  • Nerve Strike (Debuff)
Strikes an enemy in a critical location stunning them.
  • Ninja Stars (Projectile)
Throws ninja stars in a spread pattern.
  • Sai Stab (Melee)
A powerful sai stab that inflicts physical damage and has a chance of doing a deadly strike.
  • Spin Kick (Radial)
A radial melee attack. Chance of gaining health if fully charged.
  • Death's Touch (Projectile)
Throws a sai at target causing major knockback. Has a chance to instant kill the target if fully charged.
  • Focused Chi (Boost)
Boost damage, speed, and reduces damage taken.
  • Inner Calm (Boost)
Raises team's damage.
  • Curse of the Hand (Xtreme)
Deals physical damage and stuns all enemies. If the enemy is already stunned then they will take a critical hit for a percent of their current health.

Costumes Edit

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  • Classic
Elektra's classic red ninja outfit consisting of a one-shoulder tank top, a belt, a loincloth, legbands, armbands, a bandana, thigh-high boots, and arm guards.
Critical Strike - Increases critical strike chance
Boost Stats - Boosts body, focus, and strike stats
  • Ultimate
A white variation on Elektra's costume comprised of a cropped bustier, a headband, armbands, arm guards, tight leather pants, boots and a belt.
Energy Per Kill - Regains energy with each kill
Sai Damage - Increases damage of all sai attacks
  • Assassin
A version of Elektra's costume seemingly halfway between her Classic and Ultimate appearances. This outfit is a darker red than the Classic look and consists of a strapless bustier, two loose-fitting belts, a headband, thigh-high boots, and shoulder-length rubber gloves.
Dodge - Increases chance to dodge melee and projectile attacks
Health Per Kill - Regain health for each kill
  • Stealth
A black variation of Elektra's Assassin costume specialized for stealth missions. The main design difference other than the color is that the Stealth costume lacks gloves but contains armbands.
Sai Damage - Increases damage of all sai attacks
Momentum - Increases momentum gain

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