The Executioner appears as a boss in the video game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

Character History

Skurge was born in Jotunheim as the illegitimate son of a Storm Giant and an Asgardian from the realm of Skornheim. As he grew older, he became a well trained fighter. Later, he became a warrior and was considered one of Asgard's greatest warriors, gaining the name Executioner after fighting in a war against the Storm Giants. He came to Asgard, where he was seduced by Amora the Enchantress into assisting her in many of her schemes over the years. But, while the Executioner was as so infatuated with the Enchantress that he would do anything for her, she continually withheld her favors from him to keep him in thrall.

In his first encounter with Thor after he gained his human identity of Don Blake, Enchantress attempted unsuccessfully to seduce Blake, and then ordered the Executioner to dispose of Jane Foster, the mortal woman Thor then loved. Thor saved Foster and defeated both the Enchantress and Executioner. In the following years, the Enchantress and Skurge also allied themselves with Loki. He sent them to Midgard to attack Jane Foster. A small group of local citizens briefly tried to help her, but they were subdued by a sleeping spell from the Enchantress. Balder the Brave arrived atop the Baxter Building, and quickly found and challenged the villainous pair. Balder managed to hold his own, however, it's not until the timely arrival of Thor do the two villains released Jane and flee the scene. Leaving Jane in Balder's care.

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