MUA2 Hulk
Vital Stats
Real Name Robert Banner
Nicknames Bruce
Gender Male
Powers Superhuman powers
War Side Anti-Registration
Voice Actor Peter Lurie
Robin Atkin Downes (Bruce Banner) (Marvel: Ultimate Alliance)
Arin Hanson
(Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2016 Remaster)
Fred Tatasciore (Hulk)
(Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2)

The Hulk is a superhero in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. Hulk is part of the Heroes Pack DLC for the Xbox 360 and, later, the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Gold Edition. Originally in the first game, Hulk was planned to be a regular playable character in all versions, even has a boss version of himself but was cut due to licensing issues before later being added as DLC.

Hulk's HistoryEdit

The Hulk is gamma scientist Robert Bruce Banner, who was caught in a blast of a gamma bomb. Now, when angered or excited, he transforms into the Hulk, a creature of immense strength and rage. The Hulk has unlimited strength and was known to be a monster.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Edit

Enhanced Strike Hero

Body: 22
Focus: 14
Strike: 41
Normal Strike Hero (22 - 14 - 39)

Powers Edit

  • Cyclone Punch (Melee)
Devastating punch that will stun enemies for a time
  • Hulk Stomp (Radial)
Stomps the ground doing radial damage and sends a shockwave forward
  • Hulk Smash (Radial)
Jumps in the air and comes back down hard doing radial damage
  • Hulk Knock Down (Special)
Charges forward tackling an enemy and beating him mercilessly
  • Hulk Roar (Debuff)
Ferocious scream that frightens enemies for a time
  • Hulk Boost (Boost)
Reduces damage taken by entire team for a time
  • Fury (Boost)
In a rage of fury Hulk grows in size increasing speed, power, & defense
  • Hulk Smash (Xtreme)
Leaps into the air and comes back down doing massive radial damage

Unique Traits:

  • Healing Factor
  • Rage Meter: Increases Attacks

Costumes Edit

Hulk MUA Costumes

  • Classic
Critical Chance - Raises chance of landing critical hits
Melee damage - Increases damage done by melee attacks
  • Original
Melee damage - Increases damage done by melee attacks(Maxes out at +21% melee damage)
Boost stats - Boosts all stats (Maxes out at +10 all stats)
  • Planet Hulk
Melee damage - Increases damage done by melee attacks
Power damage - Increases damage done by powers(Maxes out at +15% power damage)
  • Joe Fixit
Power damage - Increases damage done by powers
Boost XP - Increases XP gained

Teams Edit

Conversations Edit

Unused on disk and never been added to DLC release along with his unused simulation:

  • Thing (as a boss character on Act 1))
  • Mandarin (vs. Ultimo Mark 2 on Act 1)
  • Spider-Woman (HQ Act 2)
  • Doctor Doom (while trying to solve a puzzle on Act 5; has a missing conversation hud code its file)

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Edit

How to Unlock: find 5 Gamma Regulators to unlock Hulk.

Flying?: No.


  • Raging Smash
    Indir (3)

    Hulk with Hawkeye, Nightcrawler, Cyclops

Hammers the ground, knocking down enemies. (crushing damage)
  • Thunder Clap
Tremendous clap generates a concussive blast. (impact damage)
  • Dashing Tackle
Pins an opponent and pummels them mercilessly. (crushing damage)
  • Gamma Roar
Stuns foes with a mighty roar. (mental damage)


  • Classic
  • Red Hulk


  • Unbridled Might
Lifts huge objects and resists knockback.
  • Monstrous Form
Raises maximum hit points.
  • Rage Unleashed
Raises damage with all attacks. Requires Pro-Reg.
  • Survival Instinct
Allows more frequent use of powers. Requires Pro-Reg.
  • Furious Fists
Raises melee attack damage. Requires Anti-Reg.
  • Impervious Body
Resists all incoming damage. Requires Anti-Reg.

Teams Edit