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Justice is a boss, along with A-Bomb, in the action role-playing game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2.

Vance Astrovik was born in Saugerties, New York. He was visited as a teenager by an alternate, time traveling version of his future self, Major Vance Astro of the Guardians of the Galaxy, an astronaut who had volunteered for an experimental space flight and consequently been lost in space in cryogenic suspension for a thousand years. The elder Vance Astro convinced his younger self to not become an astronaut, and in the process, sparked the premature emergence of the younger Vance's telekinetic powers. Due to the vagaries of time travel in the Marvel Universe, this did not create a paradox, but instead made the Guardians' future world into a parallel timeline, to which they later returned. Although Major Vance Astro had not had a chance to fully develop his psionic power in his time in NASA, the younger Astrovik now had the opportunity to hone his power. Astrovik soon became the costumed crime-fighter Marvel Boy.

When Marvel Boy was rejected for membership in the Avengers by Captain America, he helped found a team of teenage superheroes, the New Warriors, led by the new hero Night Thrasher.[6] He had many intense times during this early period, such as a fight against the White Queen, her Hellions[7] and the immortal villain Gideon.[volume & issue needed] At the same time, Vance developed friendships with the other Warriors, and a romantic relationship with teammate Firestar,[volume & issue needed] and his powers increased both in strength and skill. However, his costumed activities renewed Arnold Astrovik's prejudice towards Vance's powers; both Vance and his mother suffered from Arnold's abusive behavior, and Vance's instinctively protecting himself with his powers only made things worse, with tragic consequences.

After his time in the Vault he became Justice, Justice spent some time in a leadership role with the New Warriors and talked about marriage with Firestar. 

Before the events of the Civil War, Justice would later leave the New Warriors because he didn't want to be a part of reality show. He would later hear about the Stamford incident and was deeply saddened for his former friends. Justice refused to go along with the proposed super-human registration act. This is further evidenced when he joins Captain America's Secret Avengers during the Civil War as a result of the death of Bill Foster.