Aprox. around 2009, a strike team called "Delta Team" lead by Nick Fury, executed a unsactioned S.H.I.E.L.D assault on Castle Doom in Doomstat in hopes to stop Lucia Von Bardas, the priminister of Latveria, who was funding super-criminals. The strike team was made out of the heroes - Captain America, Ironman, Spider-man and Wolverine. Plus several other heroes. The team battled through the castle's defences in order to pick up a Audio Clip left by Black Widow. After they obtained it, they learned that there was a major power supply comming from the city. When the team made it to the the power supply, it was originating from a Church. When the team entered the church in turned out the power was being generated by Electro. After the team took down Electro they headed to Castle Doom.

Traversing the streets the team passed the city and into a forrest-like area. Near a waterfall a attack helicopter came out of nowhere and attacked. The team destroyed thes helicopter and continued the attack. Accessing a elevator, they came to the top of a building with two paths. The team headed left continued up the building and came the the castle gates, where they were confrounted by Scorcher and Wizard. After beating the badies the team went forward to Castle Doom with Nick Fury saying "Lucia, we're home".