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Molten Man is a villain appearing in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.


Molten-Man's dossier can be collected at the Anti-Reg mission Faceoff.

Real Name: Mark Raxton
Capabilities: Raxton's soft tissues have been converted to frictionless liquid metal, making him resistant to injury and boosting his fighting abilities.
Capable of entering a "molten" state in which he radiates intense heat and energy.
College degree, qualified as a chemical engineer.
Special Damage Types: Fire

Resistances: Melee, Fire (Immune)

A lab accident with an experimental metal changed Mark Raxton into the Molten Man, giving him near-invulnerability and the ability to enter an extremely hot "molten" state. Over the years he would clash many times with New York's super heroes, often solo, but sometimes as a pawn of other villains. Though reportedly reformed at one point, he has recently returned to a life of crime.

Raxton's got the smarts to make something of himself, but it seems he's content to be a super-powered thug. I'm not going to cry a river over it. The Webhead's handled him before, and a S.H.I.E.L.D. contingent outfitted with anti-Pyro gear could do the job if the need arises.