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Namorita, the cousin of Namor is an NPC character in both Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Story

Namorita in Atlantis as she first speak with the heroes.

Act I (S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier)

Namorita is first mentioned in a console report found in the helicarrier prior to the Winter Soldier and Radioactive Man second encounter, the report concerns SHIELD's secret outpost in Atlantis.

Act I (Atlantis)

After the Alliance of Heroes saves Namor from imprisonment, Namorita comes from hiding to aid Namor, once there, she explains the situation Atlantis is in for the heroes, about how Attuma conspired to take Namor's place in the throne and how their people were being mind-controlled to serve him. After that, Namorita asks the heroes to find a medicine for Namor as he is unconscious and very ill from being tortured. She aids the heroes throughout their way via radio and as soon as they come back with the medicine she thanks them, but has another request, that the heroes help defeat Attuma and free their people from him, Namor is reluctant to let the Alliance help, but in his situation there is not much he can do. Namorita's request is granted and finally, Atlantis is freed from Attuma's tyranny, the heroes then learn that the Masters of Evil were plotted with Attuma and were behind everything that happened in Atlantis; Namorita is more than grateful to the Alliance.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Story

Namorita's last moments as she confronts Nitro.

Many things happened between both games, and Namorita now finds herself in a group of heroes called 'The New Warriors', the group is now part of a reality TV show that show these heroes in their pursuit for crime and against supervillains. In a day that seemed to be just another day of flashes and photos, the New Warriors confronted a group of Super-Villains and all seems to be going well for the heroes... Namorita sees Nitro, one of the villains, running away in the middle of the street, she quickly lunges at Nitro and punches him against a school bus, incapacitating his movements. What they didn't expect was that a tragedy that would change the world was about to happen; Nitro, with the ability to turn himself into a living bomb, creates a massive explosion unexpected by everyone and in live TV, more than 600 people were killed, including 60 school children who were the closest to the blast as well as every current member of The New Warriors apart from Speedball.


  • Namorita Skin and hair color change, as well as the marks on her body, are the results of being outside of the water for a large amount of time (for being in The New Warriors).
  • There is special dialogue between her and Iceman.