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Swanson is a SHIELD agent and Officer.

Character History

After the disappearance of Nick Fury and the rise of Maria Hill, Swanson quickly gained through the ranks of S.H.I.E.L.D. When Reed Richards and Tony Stark were ready to begin their Nanite-controlled project, Swanson was decided to be the officer in direct control of the subjects in both the field and testing, hence the title "Nanite Control Officer". Swanson took to his job with a delightful, if somewhat sadistic, glee.

His first real test run came when Captain America and Goliath attempted to break out the anti-registration/White Star forces captured at the Siege of their re-purposed HYDRA base. Taking control of Venom, Swanson ambushed a squad of unprepared troops and knocked over debris to allow the Pro-Registration forces to move forward. He continued to back the squad up until they engaged in combat with Prodigy, whom they easily apprehended. After the battle, Swanson remarked with glee at his chance to test run the fail safe, sending nearly fatal electric shocks through the symbiotic host's body. When he woke Venom back up, he was disappointed when he was told to bring the host back to the base, as Hank Pym was unhappy with strange readings the event was picking up. Swanson would continue to help later, however, sending nanite troop Lady Deathstrike to try and stop the Anti-Registration team from saving their captured allies, and when Goliath attacked the Pro-Registration team, he sent Molten Man to back them up.

Venom would get his eventual revenge for Swanson's harsh mistreatment during Captain America's attack on Prison 42. During the battle, he released every cell, allowing the nanite controlled Venom to sneak away from the others in the chaos and attack the Nanite Control team. As Swanson desperately attempted to regain order or control over the nanites, he attempted to inform Stark of the problems, but the S.H.I.E.L.D. Officer was cut off when Venom bound him in his tendrils, drawing him in close and allowing him to murder Swanson.