Penance (formerly Speedball) is a character in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. During the Anti-Registration forces' raid on the Negative Zone prison that Mister Fantastic designed, Penance was tasked with guarding the portal to the Negative Zone. The portal was in the same room as the computer that the heroes and Nick Fury's robots salvaged from the nuclear plant explosion needed to access to find out why the Pro-Registration forces lost control of the nanite-controlled villains, so the heroes had to fight Penance to get to the computer. After a heated battle, Penance unleashes a kinetic energy shockwave that awakens and frees the sleeping Nanite infected prisoners. Penance watches in shock as the escapees now turn their attention to Penance, beating him down until he is knocked out. The prisoners then set their sights on the heroes, but the heroes prevail and Penance regains consciousness. After a brief rundown of the situation by Nick Fury, Penance offers to join the team and help out (he is selectable once the heroes reach the next area).


Recommended Powers:

Radial Wrath

Reflect Pain

Recommended Abilities:


Survivor Guilt



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