Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Wiki

Each of the player's Super Heroes has Special Powers that define them as a Marvel Super Hero. Some are offensive, some are boosts for you team, and some are powerful enough to change the tide of the most difficult boss battle.

To use your Special Powers in battle, press RT/RB to bring up the menu. There are four icons, each mapped to the A/X, B/O, X/Square or Y/Triangle button. Press the appropriate button to use the power.

You need to have enough Energy to use the Power. 

Xtreme Attacks

Xtreme attacks are the most powerful move your hero will have. Instead of using the Power to execute, you need momentum. You must have full momentum to execute an Extreme attack. Enemies can also drop tokens that will instantly fill the collector's momentum bar, or one of his allies if the collector already has a full bar.

It was replaced in by Fusions mechanics Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2.