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Radioactive Man is a character that appears in both Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (Wii/PS2 Version).

Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Act I

After joining Doom's group of villains called the Masters of Evil, Chen-lu and the Winter Soldier are assigned with the task of destroying a stabilizing engine in the Shield Helicarrier, much to their surprise, the alliance of heroes appear to stop them from doing so. They battle... but Doom quickly interrupts the fight to ask if they have destroyed the engine yet, rapidly they flee from the fight to pursue their primary objective while luring the heroes to the desired spot. Before they can do anything, Both are defeated by the Alliance thus not being able to complete their objective and are not seen again.

Sue Storm Comic Boss

Radioactive Man also is a Boss in Invisible Woman's comic simulator.

Interactions in Story Mode (Please contribute if you found more):

  • Captain America
  • Dr. Doom
  • Thor

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (WII/PS2 Version).

In their struggle to free Wakanda from the Nanite invasion, Radioactive Man will be blocking the heroes path to Man-Ape, who is taking advantage of the situation to steal Wakanda from Black Panther. The Alliance of Heroes will fight Chen-lu and emerge victorious.


  • In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (WII/PS2), It is unknown if Radioactive Man was taken by the Fold, since his lines of dialogue are very personal when he speaks and don't imply he has been taken, but in case he was, it is assumed he was freed from it by the end of the game along with everyone else.