Vital Stats
Real Name Melissa Gold
Nicknames Mel
Gender Female
Powers Sonic screaming
War Side Pro-Registration
Voice Actor Susan Spano

Songbird is character in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. She is a member of the Thunderbolts led by Norman Osborn aka Green Goblin along with Venom (Mac Gargan) and Penance.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Edit

Songbird did not appear in Marvel:Ultimate Alliance.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Edit

  • Available: After you choose Pro-Registration; or, after the first chapter of Act III if you choose Anti-Registration.
  • Flying?: Yes, continuous
Heroic Deeds
  • Defeat 50 foes after choosing Pro-Reg (Costume)
  • Defeat Moonstone (Boost)
  • Defeat 3 foes with a single non-Fusion attack (Boost)

You might think of Songbird as weak, but that would be before the awesomeness of Shatter Scream really becomes apparent. That, Decibel Barage (while flying above enemies), and Piercing Bolt are her only really useful Powers, so keep them leveled up. Shatter Scream is a boss-killer on par with Thor's Lightning Rod and her high Teamwork score makes her an excellent Fusion partner. Combine her with Goblin on Thunderbolts (+5% damage) and you've got a great one-two punch. Too bad you have to drag Penance and Venom along on that team.


Only in the PS3 and X-BOX 360 versions.Edit

Decibel BarrageEdit

Stream of solid sound bolts. Rapidly tap to extend.

Piercing BoltEdit

A sonic blast flies towards foes.

Sonic PillarEdit

Deafening burst of sound knocks foes upwards. Requires level 5.

Shatter ScreamEdit

Press and hold for waves of sound to wash over foes. Requires Level 10.

Only in the Wii, PS2, and PSP versions.Edit

Shrieking SliceEdit

Sends out 3 bolts of pure sonic energy.

Crushing DiscordEdit

Summons a giant mace of sonic energy, hefting it back and then slamming it down to cause major damage to a small radius.

Harmonic SurgeEdit

Sings a beautiful, but powerful note that hits enemies within a radius with a forceful blast of sonic energy.

Resonant WaveEdit

Builds up resonating sonic energy within her fist. Once released, it sends out a powerful shockwave. (Chargeable)

Thunderous LariatEdit

Songbird charges forward with an outstretched arm, knocking enemies to the ground.

Sonic Scream ShieldEdit

Creates an aura of sound around Songbird that distracts nearby enemies, making them deal less damage and take more damage to themselves.


Sonic MasteryEdit

Combat RushEdit

Team LeaderEdit

Requires Pro-Reg.


Requires Pro-Reg.


Requires Pro-Reg.


Requires Pro-Reg.