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The Raft appears in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order.

Location History

The Raft was a super-maximum security prison for super-powered criminals located near Ryker's Island, NY. It was run and operated by S.H.I.E.L.D. The Raft is introduced as the setting of a large-scale prison break, with the New Avengers being concerned when their analysis of computer records shows that some of the Raft's inmates are listed as having been dead for years. One of the former guards notes that the prison developed various 'hierarchies', with prisoners congregating with those inmates who shared some aspect of their powers or nature, such as Crossfire forming a small gang consisting of himself, Controller, Corruptor, Mandrill and Mister Fear, due to the fact that all of them relied on manipulating the minds of others.

Months later, the Raft was renovated, being upgraded with a bio-energy dampening field surrounding the prison to suppress superpowers. Especially powerful inmates have inhibitors implanted on their spines. The waters around the island in a half-mile radius are infested with jellyfish that possess a powerful nerve-toxin. The courtyard is protected by a force field and thirty ray-guns coordinated by a targeting computer. All guards wear light armor with obscured faces developed by Mach-V and carry electroshock weapons that only work when operated by a specific guard.