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About me

My name is Reuben. Am twenty two years old, I live in NYC and I have a strong love for Marvel, DC, and Star Wars. As a kid, my sister and I grew up watching superhero movies and shows and I always had an interest in writing and talking about them with others. Playing the Marvel Nemesis and the Ultimate Alliance games were the other ways I was introduced to some heroes and villains in the Marvel world and had different insights about the universe.

When I found about this site three years ago, I found out a bit more about this universe the games were set in. I started editing some the post here years ago because I felt like the Ultimate Alliance lore needed more context and weight particularly to its versions of the characters. I gave certain characters birthdays that are based on their first appearances in the comics, the actors that play them, and their first film and tv debuts. I also gave them special relationships with one another and explained their origins that are identical to their original comic counterparts as a way of expanding the lore of this particular universe. My intentions are to expand the backstories and events in an interesting and meaningful way to get people more invested in the games and this site.

Discord tag: Rjordan#7550

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