Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Wiki

Part(s) of this info is taken from the game itself.

Key Facts

Introduction - This is a Gameplay Tip dossier. It provides tactical information revelent to the game, as well as insights from Wade Willson, a.k.a. Deadpool.


So you've bought the game and you're ready to hurt some people. What's that, you ask? "Who are you and why am I being assaulted with words?" Obviously I'm Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth and Wooer of Woo-Worthy Women! And clearly you're reading this because you know how? to get the most out of your Action RPG's: with walls of text, of course.

- Below Deadpool's commentary you'll find tips (you're reading one).
- Gameplay Tip Dossiers provide detailed instructions on different aspects of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, however, reading them is not required to enjoy the game.
- Other dossiers may also give you useful information, such as the capabilities of various enemy types.


  1. Wade's Guide to Winning
  2. Game UI
  3. Gameplay Basics
  4. Melee Combos
  5. Grappling
  6. Air Attacks
  7. Blocking and Dodging
  8. Powers
  9. Power Types (Part 1)
  10. Power Types (Part 2)
  11. Fusions
  12. Fusion Types
  13. Hero Switching
  14. Navigation System
  15. Healing
  16. Hero Attributes (Part 1)
  17. Hero Attributes (Part 2)
  18. Upgrading Attributes
  19. Upgrading Powers
  20. Abilities
  21. Upgrading Abilities
  22. Collectibles (Acquisition)
  23. Collectibles (Types)
  24. Boosts
  25. Sim and Replay Missions
  26. Heroic Deeds
  27. Save Games
  28. Conversations (General)
  29. Conversations (Hubs)
  30. Damage Types (Physical)
  31. Damage Types (Elemental)
  32. Damage Types (Special)
  33. Damage Immuninties
  34. Light Foes
  35. Light Robots
  36. Medium Foes (Standard)
  37. Medium Foes (Special Ops)
  38. Heavy Foes
  39. Heavy Cyborgs
  40. Leaders
  41. Mini-Bosses
  42. Bosses
  43. Helicopters
  44. Heavy Robots
  45. Superhumans
  46. Nanite Foes