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Whirlwind is a villain appearing in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. He is fought twice throughout the adventure as a boss character; once during the heroes' escape through the Negative Zone prison and the second time guarding the Fold Control tower. Both times, he is shown to be under the influence of Nanite control.

Whirlwind also appears in a cutscene, during the Prison 42 breakout of all the supervillains.


Whirlwind's Dossier can be collected within the mission Hold The Line, near the portal at the end of the stage.

Real Name: David Cannon
Capabilities: Accellerated speed and immunity to dizziness allow Cannon to create a variety of effects via rapid rotation of his body.
Special Damage Types: Impact

Resistances: All Physical damage

Since discovering his powers, Whirlwind has used them for crime. He has clashed frequently with the Avengers, and has become obsessed with revenge against the super hero community. Aside from high-speed melee attacks, Whirlwind is able to manipulate air currents to attack his foes from afar.

Another scumbag with powers. Whirlwind got a bit more creative with his costume, but at heart he's just another bully. He'll respond reliably to fear and greed, in that order.