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The Wizard appears as a mini-boss in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2: Story

Wizard is one of the villains whose powers and armor were enhanced by the Tinkerer prior to the events of the game. He and Scorcher attack Nick Fury's team on their way to Castle Doom during the unsanctioned raid on Latveria.  Later on, he is seen among the group of villains helping Lucia von Bardas attack New York.


Wizard's Dossier can be collected within the mission Reactors, to the side of the stairs leading into the first lab room.

Real Name: Bentley Wittman
Capabilities: Accomplished scientist in multiple fields, independent businessman.
Special Damage Types: Crushing

Resistances: Mental (Immune)

Bentley Wittman, AKA the Wingless Wizard, has had many clashes with the Fantastic Four. A mechanical genius and self-made millionaire, Bentley turned to super-villainy out of boredom. Over the years he's been responsible for many incarnations of the Frightful Four, and occasionally assisted other criminals with customized tech when it helped to further his goals. Recently he partnered with Lucia von Bardas in yet another bid for power, exchanging technological secrets with the Tinkerer.

The FF have always been able to handle Bentley. given his IQ, I'm surprised he hasn't actually caused more trouble... Chalk it up as another genius obsessed with outsmarting Richards, which never goes well. His association with the Tinkerer is worrying; if any other small-timers start getting upgrades, we're in for a heap of trouble.